[US] Applying for support from the OSGeo.US

Guido Stein gstein at appgeo.com
Wed Jun 20 08:51:24 PDT 2018

Hey folks,

We have money available for grants to support events or other activities
related to local chapters and projects in the US.

What we don't have is a formal process. This is something we, the community
need to work on for the future. I would like to have this together by the
end of the year.

That said, I would like your input on an informal application process. Here
is what I think we should do:

1) Applicant needs to send email request for support with the following
information to the discussion list:

- Name of event or project that needs support
- How is their event or project supports the OSGeo.US community?
- Who is the main contact person and or organization?
- What is being requested (money/support/other)?
- What is the past history of this event or project?
- What does success look like?
  - What are the chances of having success?
  - What is the biggest obstacle to success?
- If an event
  - When is the event
  - Where is the event
  - What is the capacity of the event
  - Will there be a fee and how much is that fee?

2) From the time that email is submitted there should be a week long public
comment period on the discussion list using the thread that was started
with the email request.

3) After the public comment period is over, a vote of the board (right now
this is the Technocation board, but eventually OSGeo.US will have it's own
board) should happen within a week. The vote can be private ballet, but the
outcome should be announced on the thread with the original request on the
discussion list.

Please let me know what you think about this. I will leave the public
comment period for this open for a week then I will make this motion to the
board with updates based on the public comment to the board.


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