[US] Logo Design

Guido Stein guido at guidostein.com
Thu May 17 17:08:00 PDT 2018

Hey folks,

This chapter is on the verge of being ratified as an oficial local chapter
by the osgeo board. We will need to start setting up regular meeting to
discuss what we are doing as a group and what goals we have this year and

But before all that...

I want to talk about the logo. Our current logo was put together based on
work from the OSGeo website designers and Jody. Here is what we are
sporting right now:
[image: osgeo-us-logo.png]
I like the simplicity of this logo and I like that it follows a basice
standard suggested by the OSGeo marketing committee.That said, of course I
have suggestions...

- I think we should replace the center of the map rose with something that
represents the US (but keep it in the color scheme)
- I think we should change "Local Chapter" to "National Chapter"

I really want to use an apple pie in the logo. I think this could let
people know that we are official, but we are also fun and playful. Apple
Pie and bake sales are a well known (in the US) way to fundraise for
community projects. Also, this could also mean that we can us the apple pie
as a calling card and gift to others (I have to imagine raspberry pi does
something like this)

Here is my current mockup:
[image: images.jpeg]
OK, now it's your turn. Let me know what you think about the logo and
please let me know what you think would be a good icon to represent our
national chapter.

Thanks for your feedback,


p.s. This is not a fully design by committee process, but your feedback
will be taken into consideration as I work on this branding project. Also,
the logo does not need to be set in stone, so let's refer to this as v1.0
release ;)
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