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Jessica Kane jkane at line-45.com
Thu Jan 31 10:28:27 PST 2019


There is a small group of us here in Michigan who are working to drum up
some open source geo presentations for the IMAGIN
<https://imagin.org/annual_conference_home> annual conference in Grand
Rapids, MI in June. IMAGIN is a state-wide organizations for geospatial
professionals and the conference is one of the primary events in MI for
geospatial professionals to network. In the past this conference has been
very Esri-centric, so we are trying to get 3-5 presentations that focus on
using open source geo technologies.

If you know of anyone who might be interested please let me know! Or if you
know of other groups/people/opportunities for open source collaboration in
MI I should know about, send them my way. Depending on how many
presentations we get and the level of interest, having an OSGeo US booth
with more information might be helpful. I'm open to ideas!



Jessica Kane
Line 45, LLC
Mapping & Software Solutions
(715) 897-3409
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