[US] No Quickmap Services Plugin or Web Column in any Version After Ver 3.14

Keith Jenkins kgj2 at cornell.edu
Tue Apr 5 12:02:51 PDT 2022

I'm not aware of any major changes in the Plugin Manager between QGIS
versions 3.14 and 3.24.  When using the Plugin Manager (from the
Plugin menu), if you don't find the plugin you are trying to install,
check that you are searching "All" plugins (see the tabs on the left).

It sounds like your current installation doesn't have all the plugins
installed that you may have had before.  Usually, when I upgrade to a
new version, it remembers all the plugins, so I'm not sure how they
might have disappeared.

Each plugin behaves a bit differently.   Some add a toolbar icon,
others an entry under the "plugins" menu or other menus.  The "web"
menu will only appear after you have installed plugins that create
that menu, such as QuickMapServices.

QuickMapServices did make a recent change within the last month or so,
basically cleaning up the list of basemaps available in the
"contributed pack" (QMS settings > More Services > Get contributed
pack).  They removed many basemaps that were no longer working, so the
list does appear shorter than before.


On Tue, Apr 5, 2022 at 9:11 AM Dan Grasso <dangrasso at live.com> wrote:
> Good Day,
> I was hoping you could help describe how to download the Quickmap plugin for version 3.24.  The plugin menu is a lot different than version 3.14.  A lot more plug in categories are listed in 3.14.
> Also the plugins used to show up in the Web column after they were downloaded.  However every version  after 3.14 deleted the web column.
> When I try to search for plugins I have no luck finding Quickmaps.
> Can you  please tell me how to download Quickmaps in the new version 3.24?
> Also can you please explain why the plugin menu is now a lot less helpful than version 3.14?
> Can you also please explain why you deleted the web column which allowed me to view the plugins I downloaded?
> If these items have been moved to another place, can you please explain so I can actually try to use the new version?
> Thanks alot!
> Have a great day!
> Dan Grasso
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