[US] FOSS4G Nashville Nov 30th - Dec 2nd 2022

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November 20th - Dec 2nd 2022 we're having an event called FOSS4G 
Nashville. This is the 5th event like this and the first in two years 
(for some reason).

November 30th is a field trip around Nashville and learning about a 
mapping project with the Vanderbilt Institute for Spatial Research.

Dec 1st and 2nd will be speakers covering Free and Open Source Software 
for Geo with subjects ranging from QGIS to Geoserver to LIDAR. Do you 
want to speak? Register! Can't attend in person? You can attend 
Virtually! Want to sponsor? You can do that also. The night of December 
1st is a social event that is free for attendees.

Keynote: Howard Butler - *Serve Data Not Services*

/Gone are the days of buying a 2U server and sticking it in a rack in a 
closet next to an air conditioner. What was once organizational excess 
compute capacity to provide on-demand network services is now metered 
and measured in the cloud by the same administration that inventories 
the office supply cabinet. Excessive middleware is decidedly out of 
fashion, and concepts like Cloud Native Geospatial, with its focus on 
cloud optimized formats and JSON metadata to drive desktop and cloud 
applications alike are taking hold. //

/Howard Butler, president of Hobu, Inc. and leader of the PDAL software 
project, will talk about formats, organization, federation, archive, and 
frustration in the process of getting data to and from the cloud. Howard 
Butler is the founder and president of Hobu, Inc., an open source 
software consultancy located in Iowa City, Iowa that focuses on point 
cloud data management solutions. He is an active participant in the 
ASPRS LAS Committee, a Project Steering Committee member of both the 
PROJ and GDAL open source software projects, a contributing author to 
the GeoJSON specification, creator of the Cloud Optimized Point Cloud 
format, and a past member of the OSGeo Board of Directors. With his 
firm, Howard leads the development of the PDAL and Entwine open source 
point cloud processing and organization software libraries. /

As things happen we're posting to: 

Submit a paper: 


Cost: $25 (Can't swing the cost? Give us a shout).

Sponsors now include:

  * Hobu Inc
  * North River Geographic Systems, Inc
  * Locate Press
  * Vanderbilt Institute for Spatial Research
  * Vadose Industries
  * Geosolutions Group

Randal Hale
rjhale at northrivergeographic.com
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