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Arnulf Christl (CCGIS) arnulf.christl at ccgis.de
Mon Apr 17 06:28:25 EDT 2006

the help site that is displayed to new people when they first log in
should be updated to reflect the different levels of contribution. The
current page seems to diverge from what you said:

Additionally it might be confusing to people if the first thing they see
is a "request for new project" dialog. It is discouraging (so many  things
to enter), confusing (not every new user will want to become this deeply
involved at first contact). And we probably don't want everybody to
suggest a new project first thing off but rather nudge them into joining
and contributing to existing projects. This could be reflected on the
welcome page for new users - like show a list linking to areas of
interest. From there (thats the currently slightly bleak web sites) it
would link to the resources of that project.

The rest is a mess, I have too many ideas, sorry to get nothing done.

I like what Frank said (Oh, did I say that before...=:-)

Jody Garnett wrote:
> Thanks for the feedback. I got on a bit of a tear and wrote the previous
> ones up, and then started evaluating the proposed website content
> against the user needed.
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/WebCom_OSGeo_Site_Focus
> I am starting to wonder if I should take this up with the viability
> committee? Anyone care to clarify the focus difference between the two
> committees?


In my opinion the Web Committee is responsible for the organization of
the web site, and ensuring it meets the various visitor profiles.  The
Visibility and Promotion committee can be seen as driving general awareness
in the broader geospatial community about what OSGeo does.  It will no
doubt provide some promotional material for the web site, but I see it's
role more as driving traffic to the web site rather detailed organization
of the web site.

Of course there is some overlap.  In particular, VisCom has gone through
some of the same process of identifying different subcommunities that it
needs to reach out to.  The "enterprise decision maker", the "end user"
and the "developer" for instance.  So a little coordination may be in
order though I think cross membership will take care of that.

Best regards,
(wonder wonder - finally I understand what this setting clouds in motion
means. Its Zeus himself, god of the skies and thunder. ...or ist it that
every cloud has a silver lining?)

Who would like to take care of membership crossing to order coordination?
Someone from WebCom with strong nerves and commit access preferably.

I finally had time to look into the community document by refractions that
Jody linked from:

I like this really a lot. We have something starting up like this in the
Wiki for OSGeo itself (and some projects have it individually). Should we
leave it there (no no, not "leave" but nurse, cultivate and tend to) or
try to bring them together and set up a more static image of it at
osgeo/static. (no ? huh)

Best regards,
(Oh please, someone shut me up)

> Project Developer and higher is required to access the svn.
> Contributor can only submit docs to  "Documents & Files" and submit
> issues.
> Daniel Brookshier | Community Manager | CollabNet, Inc.
> 8000 Marina Blvd. Suite 600 | Brisbane, CA 94005 | USA
> O 972.422.5261 | C 214.207.6614 | dbrookshier at collab.net
> On Apr 16, 2006, at 10:58 AM, Arnulf Christl ((CCGIS)) wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I wanted to fill the void at https://conference.osgeo.org/ and
>> copied the
>> FOSS4G intro and a link to index.html. When trying to commit to
>> conference/trunk/www/ it didn't allow me to do so:
>> commit -m "link and text to FOSS4G to fill the void"
>> /usr/home/arnulf/workspace/osgeo_conference/index.html
>>     Sending        /usr/home/arnulf/workspace/osgeo_conference/
>> index.html
>>     svn: authentication cancelled
>> That probably means that being "Project Contributor" does not allow to
>> write to SVN automatically? Good to know, but how then does one
>> inherit
>> the privilege (as Mapbender source code warden I should probably
>> know...).
>> Maybe someone with SVN access would want to fill the void with the
>> below - or even be creative and make it a lot better. Leaving it blank
>> sucks. And maybe remove those additional mailing lists if they are not
>> needed.
>> Easterly regards,
>> Arnulf.
>> --
>> Arnulf Christl
>> http://www.ccgis.de
>> PS:
>> Anybody listening to dev at conference.osgeo.org at all?
>> <html>
>>   <head>
>>     <title>FOSS4G2006 - Free And Open Source Software for
>> Geoinformatics</title>
>>   </head>
>>   <body>
>> 	<h2>
>> 		Open Source Geospatial Communities JOINT CONFERENCE '06
>> 	</h2>
>> 	<p>
>> 		<b><a href="http://www.foss4g2006.org/">FOSS4G2006</a></b> is a
>> four day
>> conference, bringing together
>> 		all the Free and Open Source Software
>> 		for Geoinformatics (FOSS4G) communities. The conference
>> incorporates the
>> OSGIS Conference,
>> 		Mapserver User Meeting, GRASS Users Conference, Java oriented
>> FOSS4G and
>> EOGEO Workshops.
>> 		Lausanne, Switzerland will host the conference, making it the
>> first time
>> many of these groups
>> 		will meet in Europe. It builds on the the success of the Open Source
>> Geospatial'05 conference
>> 		held in Minneapolis, USA.
>> 	</p>
>> 	<h2>
>> 		What will be covered?
>> 	</h2>
>> 	<p>
>> 		The conference focuses on an array of open source technologies and
>> presents how they are being
>> 		used around the world. Seminars and workshops will share the
>> theme of
>> advancing Open Source
>> 		GIS technology, by covering management and technical aspects as
>> well as
>> the latest trends.
>> 	</p>
>> 	<h2>
>> 		How will it run?
>> 	</h2>
>> 	<p>
>> 		The event opens with one day dedicated to workshops, followed by
>> a joint
>> plenary session that
>> 		will set the direction of the conference. An Exhibitor showcase
>> will run
>> the duration of the
>> 		conference. This showcase will provide government, academia, private
>> organisations and associations
>> 		with the opportunity to demonstrate their talents and educate
>> participants about Open Source
>> 		technologies. There will be an opportunity to mingle at evening
>> events
>> such as the &quot;Meet &amp; Greet Exhibitors&quot;
>> 		Reception and a Boat Cruise on Geneva Lake, with a dinner in the
>> thousand year old Chillon Castle.
>> 	</p>
>> 	<h2>
>> 		Who will be there?
>> 	</h2>
>> 	<p>
>> 		This conference is an exciting opportunity for both users and
>> managers
>> to network, learn
>> 		about products and services, and develop both technical and
>> management
>> skills for adopting
>> 		Open Source technologies. The event is expected to draw over 500
>> people
>> from around the
>> 		globe, representing the existing user and developer communities
>> as well
>> as those interested
>> 		from government, non-government organisations, academia, and
>> industry.
>> 	</p>
>> 	<p>
>> 		Finally, with the recent creation of the Open Source Geospatial
>> Foundation, FOSS4G2006
>> 		will be an exciting opportunity to network with foundation
>> members and
>> projects.
>> 	</p>
>>   </body>
>> </html>
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With best regards,
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