[Web Comm] Re: VisCom requests support

Daniel Brookshier dbrookshier at collab.net
Tue Apr 18 10:59:13 EDT 2006

I got a bit of time to work on it this week. But let me give you the  
easy workaround:nonav.

If you add nonav after the main url, you get a page that is 100%  
configurable. Here is what geotools looks like:


The only issue with this is that you should replicate enough of the  
links in the osgeo.org site to get users back to the main site and to  
the internal tools.

Not perfect, but one of the easiest hacks available on the CollabNet  

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On Apr 18, 2006, at 2:13 AM, Arnulf Christl wrote:

> Chris Holmes wrote:
>> Ok, I put up a few links.  Our developers wanted us to just  
>> redirect immediately to geotools.org.  As a compromise I redirect  
>> after 30 seconds, plenty of time to read the text I put up.
>> If there's a way to edit the side bar with whatever I want then  
>> I'm happy to get rid of the redirect, but I need like all the  
>> elements on http://geotools.org  But last I checked it involved  
>> some weird javascript madness.
>> Chris
> Hi,
> side bar configurability has been on our wish list for some time  
> already. Whats the current state on this? "Weird madness" might  
> just be a little too much even for us...
> Arnulf.
>> Arnulf Christl (CCGIS) wrote:
>>> Hi guys,
>>> would you mind getting your project pages at OSGeo in order.  
>>> Please. It is
>>> not a lot of work. Just connect your SVN, download index.html from
>>> trunk/www, copy whatever you have on your projects's real hompage
>>> (http://ms.gis.umn.edu/) and paste it to this index.html. Maybe  
>>> you would
>>> add seventeen links all pointing to your existing infrastructure.
>>> Finished. If you don't want to go into the trouble of setting up  
>>> your SVN
>>> etc, make me a contributor and I paste it there for you. Oh well,  
>>> why me,
>>> just delegate it, you are the Project Owners.
>>> https://mapserver.osgeo.org/servlets/ProjectMemberList tell that  
>>> guy Elton
>>> to do it.
>>> I imagine something like http://mapbender.osgeo.org is just fine  
>>> (maybe
>>> without the hassle of an online map but isn't that neat... except  
>>> you have
>>> MS IE...) Steve, did you notice that we are just three letters off
>>> srv/bnd. Funny that BND is the German Bundesnachrichtendienst,  
>>> something
>>> like the CIA I guess... oh, drifting off again.
>>> Same for
>>> https://geotools.osgeo.org/ (BND is watching you!)
>>> https://geotools.osgeo.org/servlets/ProjectMemberList
>>> Oh, you don't even have any members. Too bad, gotta do it all by  
>>> yourself.
>>> Currently these pages look dead as a wet cat (and smell). No good
>>> visibility, no promotion, just embarrasment for two of the most best
>>> important overworked and kind guys that we need so badly to make  
>>> OSGeo
>>> shine and sparkle. I wonder whether you read those annoying
>>> nerve at osgeo.org emails at all.
>>> =:-)
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