[Incubator] Re: [Web Comm] MapBuilder 1.0 Release

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Apr 26 23:04:43 EDT 2006

Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Frank, I'll forward our announcement through to Daniel.  (Our 1.0 
> release went out yesturday).
> For future, I will subscribe webcom to the mapbuilder announce email 
> list (which we currently only use for release announcements).  I suggest 
> someone does the same for other projects.
> Daniel, who is "visibility"?


Daniel is referring to the Promotion and Visibility committee.  Amoung other
things they are responsible for handling formal press releases.


I think we would only try and put out a formal press release for really major
releases but I certainly think that version 1.0 of MapBuilder qualifies.
This is something you would need to work with them to prepare.

I think we can have a "lower bar" for news items on the osgeo main page.

By the way, I think we might want to put up news items on the osgeo.org
web page for projects we consider "friends of the foundation".  This might
include stuff like GeoServer, or PostGIS.  Projects we consider to be
"part of the stack" even if they aren't formal OSGeo projects.  Generally
speaking these would be projects we would like to recruit some day.

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