[Web Comm] Drupal Transition and Automated Web Page Cleanup

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Sat Dec 2 14:10:40 EST 2006

No, but I do believe that human review would still be a good idea.  I'm willing to dedicate some time to for this, but I'll be away from a computer Dec 24th -> Jan 8th (I'm preparing for the withdrawal symptoms already).
Some of the constructs on the pages may rely on specific CN CSS markup, or may not work properly within whatever skin is used for Drupal.  What are we going to use for a layout btw?  The one on the community site doesn't look all that great in IE.


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Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> Sorry, this mail client program makes it hard to add comments.
> Drupals accepts, out-of-the-box: limited HTML (small set of tags), plain text, full HTML or PHP code (usually disabled for public contributors for security purposes).
> Drupal stores exactly what you enter, but you then tell it what the type of code/text is - i.e. Is it full HTML or is it PHP - and, if you have permissions it will serve all the content up exactly as you entered it.  This means there can be, literally, no effort or cleanup required to get our current content ported.


OK, then I think that should be our transition approach, and we can
address "cleanup" at a later date if we wish, do pressing documents
by hand if we wish.

Does anyone object to carrying the html over now without any alteration?

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