[SAC] Vhost standards, etc...

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Sat Dec 16 10:11:45 EST 2006

dear Jason, Tyler, all, +1 on all of this making sense.

http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/URI_Migration_Map was some notes i
made when thinking about this a while back that looks quite like your
prospective reality. CMS-wise I imagined a default set of themes for a 
project site, including like a 'download area' module, and another
theme for a committee site. One other thing listed is trac/svn and the
extent to which this will be shared (trac.osgeo.org/mapguide/) or
mirrored across the different project namespaces. 

Please do let me know when there's something to work on for a
committee site (geodata) and if there's anything i can provide to help
you set things up.


On Fri, Dec 15, 2006 at 11:49:59AM -0800, Jason Birch wrote:
> Should probably put the question to the MapGuide PSC :)  My preference
> would be to split the content between the osgeo.org/project area and the
> projectname.osgeo.org, interlinking between the sites as necessary.  
> Same goes for other projects with content in their host area.
> Many of the projects have basic content at projectname.osgeo.org, but
> really these sites should either commit entirely to our infrastructure
> or have the host redirected to their domain.
> Others have limited content that is only available on our site (like
> GeoData) but I feel that this content would really work better under the
> osgeo.org/(projects|committees)/projectname/ structure, so that they
> have the benefit of the CMS without giving us the overhead of
> maintaining multiple CMS instances.
> We need to leverage the CMS and the functionality of Trac as much as
> possible, so that we don't have to manually maintain HTML files, but
> setting up an individual Drupal instance for each site is not
> supportable in the long run.  I also don't think it's wise from a
> security/stability standpoint to allow direct filesystem or shell level
> access to the site servers for project maintainers.  Changes should go
> through SAC (once SAC is up to speed on the servers).
> Jason
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> On 15-Dec-06, at 11:12 AM, Jason Birch wrote:
> > In any case, let's talk about this more in January, once we're on the 
> > new infrastructure and are thinking more about ongoing 
> > information/infrastructure management than just moving what we've got.
> Sounds good.  The other reason I bring it up now is that we have this
> current issue of some subdomains having web content - and I'm wondering
> how we will address it within the drupal environment.  For example where
> will the mapguide.osgeo.org content live within osgeo.org drupal site?
> Tyler


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