[Web Comm] Status report

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Dec 18 23:07:49 EST 2006

Gupteshwar Joshi wrote:
> Hello ,
> FInally the prototype of the Service Provider Directory is ready for review.
> I have designed and uploaded the Submit profile page and Search page
> as per discussion with Frank.
> Please find the  pages at  following links.
> http://osgeodev.telascience.org/submit_profile.php // Submit SPD profile
> http://osgeodev.telascience.org/profile_search.php 
> <http://osgeodev.telascience.org/profile_search.php> //profile search
> Please , let me know your suggesstions and comments about these links.


Ok, good first pass.  Some notes:

  o We do *not* want to have a short description.  It was decided that
    policing the short description would be challenging, so we are not
    including a short description.

  o After submitting my own entry, I have no idea how to edit it.  Ideally,
    I would like some sort of extra "Edit" link appearing in the search for
    an entry that I own.

  o I apparently hit the submit button twice and end up with two copies
    of the same submission.  Is there any reason to let people have more
    than one entry in the service provider directory?

  o I find the "Show All" vs. "Options" selector clunky.  Can we not assume
    all if no criteria are selected?

  o Do we need the check boxes beside the multi-select lists?  Can we not
    assume "checked" if any items are selected from the list otherwise not?

  o I think we can skip the "Know More" column and instead have the name
    in the "Name" column link to the providers url.

  o I would like to have a mechanism to get a list of providers most recently
    edited.  Mostly I want this so it is easy to do a quite review that new
    entries make sense but I can also imagine visitors to the site might want
    a quick way of finding recent additions.

  o I think it is desirable to actually collect a lat/long location for
    providers for future mapping use even if we don't use it for now.

  o The search and submission pages need a bit more explanatory text about
    what is going on.

  o The submission page needs a mechanism to request new entries be added to
    the Languages, Country and Technologies list even if it is just an email
    address for a maintainer for now.

  o I don't think we want "Others" in the technologies list.  We can assume
    all providers will have some other technologies they support, but having
    a check item for them isn't very helpful.

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