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Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Jun 16 15:06:09 EDT 2006

WebCom / Board,

Daniel Brookshier has left CollabNet for a new job, and while he is
interested in some participation in OSGeo he won't have time for much
work due to his new responsibilities.  So the Web Committee will be needing
a new chair.  I also think this would be a good time to try and re-invigorate
work on the Web Committee if we can.

In discussions at the face to face meetings in San Rafael it seems unlikely
that we would be renewing the CollabNet contract past this January.  So going
forward, I think WebCom ought to spend less effort wrestling with particular
features based on the Collabnet platform, and more on informational content
for the web site since the content can move to a new platform easily, while
the detailed integration work will presumably be left behind.  (stuff like the
RSS feed for instance)

While we will be assigned a new community manager from CollabNet, and I
would like them to be active on WebCom, I think it would be best to have
someone not from CollabNet as the WebCom chair since a big part of it's
mandate will relate to the transition off the CN platform.

I have been in contact with Jason Birch, who has been a very active
contributor to the web committee and he has indicated a willingness to
chair the committee.   Jason obviously will need lots of support, and he
indicated he would like to see a representative from each OSGeo member
project on WebCom if possible.

If anyone has suggestions for other possible chairs for WebCom or other
input they would like to provide, please reply to this message!  Lacking
additional feedback I'll likely propose Jason for the committee chair position
at the next board meeting (one week today).

Best regards,
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