[Web Comm] New Chair: Jason Birch

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Fri Jun 23 15:01:04 EDT 2006

Hi Auke,

Could you please look into providing my osgeo account (jasonbirch) with
the required permissions to:
 - create/update/delete announcements for the main site
 - have full access to the CVS repository administration tool so that I
can permanently delete folders

Also, do you know if whether creating an announcement, automatically
mirrors that content to the announce@ list?  Is it possible to set this


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The board has appointed Jason Birch as the new chair of WebCom, and the
motion also stressed that WebCom has a mandate to produce the content of
the web site.  Discussion also suggested that some cross membership with
VisCom would be helpful to ensure that viscom activities are mentioned
on the web site, and to keep messages from conflicting.  To that end I
believe Arnulf has requested to join WebCom.

Jason also requested that our software projects try and provide
representation on webcom to ensure their needs are being served.  Arnulf
can cover that for MapBender, and I'll claim to do that for GDAL.  Perry
and Fred can cover MapServer, Jody can speak on behalf of GeoTools.  I
think that just leaves GRASS, MapBuilder and OSSIM.  I'll put out a
request for involvement to those projects but I think we have a
reasonable degree of coverage.

I presume Auke Jilderda, our new CollabNet community manager will also
be joining WebCom, and can provide required backend platform access as

 From my point of view, I would like to encourage WebCom to concentrate
on content development for the web site rather than technology issues
around the platform.  In the WebCom wiki there is some great material on
the OSGeo Site Focus, but we have yet to produce much in support of

The OSGeo slogan is "Your Open Source Compass" which is intended to
indicate that we will help guide folks through the complex landscape of
open source geospatial packages, to the packages that are right for
them.  I think the largest part of that will be accomplished here in
WebCom producing content for the web site.  I will do what I can to
support that effort.

A first order of business might be to update the committee membership,
adding myself, Tyler, Arnulf, and Auke.  I think this could be done by a
motion to the mailing list if coordinating a near term irc meeting is

Best regards,
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