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Jason Birch Jason.Birch at
Tue Jun 27 14:51:10 EDT 2006


The OSGeo Website Committee is working on making our web site more of a
"compass" for users who are new to open source geospatial technology.
As part of this initiative, we will be compiling case studies showing
how organisations have successfully implemented open source geospatial

If your organisation would be interested in helping OSGeo while at the
same time raising awareness for your hard work, please provide us with
the following information:

- Name of Organisation
- Contact Person (name/email)
- Open Source technologies used
- Project/Implementation Summary
- Project Details (business need, implementation steps, success factors,
results) cost/benefit analysis vs. proprietary software would be
especially helpful here
- Supporting info:  items like flow charts, screenshots, and other
pretty stuff

These should be submitted by the organisation that benefited from the
technology rather than by an external implementor, though a link to the
implementor would be an acceptable part of the contact info.  

As well, we would also be very interested in receiving similar profiles
for companies who have successfully built their business around open
source geospatial technologies.  This could include things such as
companies that use OSGeo technology as a platform for their services and
companies who provide consulting and support services around OSGeo.

Please feel free to forward this email to any open source geospatial
technology mailing lists that you are involved in.  The more proof we
can provide that this stuff works, and in as many different sectors as
possible (education, government, small business, enterprise, etc) the

Submissions can be sent to dev at

Jason Birch
OSGeo Website Committee

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