Coordination on board nominations.

Chris Holmes cholmes at
Thu Mar 2 20:40:14 EST 2006

Hey guys, I'm running the board election process, and was hoping we 
could sync up on the process.

First have you guys got the new member's list up anywhere?  I'd like to 
be able to reference it online, instead of compiling and listing all the 
names of potential nominees myself.

I'd also like to coordinate on the nomination process.  The nominations 
go up tomorrow, votes close tuesday march 7th, and I will compile them 
and would like to post on wednesday.  Then the votes should be in March 
13th, and I'd like to post on March 14th.  Is there someone on the 
webcom I can work with to help out on those posts?

best regards,


Chris Holmes
The Open Planning Project
thoughts at:
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