[Web Comm] Coordination on board nominations.

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Mar 3 11:51:50 EST 2006

Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> Chris Holmes wrote:
>> I'd also like to coordinate on the nomination process.  The nominations
>> go up tomorrow, votes close tuesday march 7th, and I will compile them
>> and would like to post on wednesday.  Then the votes should be in March
>> 13th, and I'd like to post on March 14th.  Is there someone on the
>> webcom I can work with to help out on those posts?
> Hi Chris,
> I think Daniel will be your man to get this done, until the rest of get
> caught up on how things work.  At least I know I can't help you unless
> it is on the wiki.
> Daniel, how did the posting go?


Does this mean that the other WebCOM members don't have web update access
yet?  It is my hope and intention that WebCOM provide several (or all)
members of the committee with SVN update access for the web site.  The
first reason is to ensure that there are a variety of people who can apply
updates as needed.  The second is to reduce the load on Daniel as he seems
to have a lot on his plate.

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