[Web Comm] greetings (and other stuff)

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Mon Mar 6 09:46:15 EST 2006

On Monday 06 March 2006 00:11, Jason Birch wrote:
> Jody, I saw your IRC comment; I'm a bit lost too ;)  I keep sending emails
> and doing stuff without feedback.  I'm just waiting for a brick to land on
> my head.  If that happens, I'm going to blame Frank for his infectious
> impatience :)

Hi Jason,
I'm happy with the changes you've been proposing/implementing.  It's the kind 
of tender loving care the site needs, so keep it up.  

> Working within the CN framework takes a bit of getting used to.  It picks
> up html pages and parses them into the centre of the layout.  I need to set
> up something locally so that I have a better idea of what it's going to
> look like before I commit.

I'm still not up to speed on how things are laid out, and I've barely ever 
used SVN, but your diagrams are helping.

> Something I have been thinking about is how the site should be focussed. 
> The About the Foundation page is pretty structured and boring.  This is OK
> (it's a foundation) but I think that we need to look at what the purpose of
> the site is.  Apart from being a portal to the projects, we also need to
> get our visitors excited about open source geospatial tools.  Some things
> that I think could help with this would be some nice colourful screenshots,
> "success stories", blurbs on each of the associated projects, maybe some
> "up close and personal with" type bio info on the board members...

I envision tackling this through a newsletter that highlights the same things.  
We could then take parts of the newsletter and use them as interesting 
content in the portal.  Great ideas.

> I was thinking that we would wait for the logo contest before moving ahead
> with design though, so we could build the site identity around the logo. 
> We will need to activate a discuss list for this, and put together some web
> space where we can mock up various layouts.

I agree with waiting until we at least start getting some graphic brand 
connection developed through a logo.  But certainly we can do with some more 
attention to styling.  I'm sure Fred is just itching to do more ;)

> I know that this is a new group, and if anyone has taken offence I
> apologize for charging ahead.  I can feel the pressure building behind us
> though.  We are responsible for what is currently the most visible part of
> the foundation, and lots of stuff needs to be communicated.

The most important thing is that you have had the time to do some important 
improvements - thank you.  I regret not having the time I need to really 
contribute so far in the group.

Speaking of contributing, I see Claude is requesting to join the committee.  
Did everyone else see the 'New role request' from him to be a Project 
Contributor?  I am in favour of adding him - another body with some time 
available to assist would be valuable.


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