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Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Mon Mar 6 15:11:36 EST 2006

Thanks Daniel.  I was talking about the webcommittee one.
I think that this could be effectively used to track requested changes,
errors in content, etc.  Once it's in place, it would be great if we
could add a link somewhere on each page of the www to report a problem.
I noticed that CVS presents a default comment template that includes
defect tracking information.  Does this take care of changing statuses,
etc automatically?  If so, then maybe switching to SVN isn't such a good
idea :)
Couple other things:
- Is there any way of hiding items (such as the discussion groups) which
we aren't using?
- Would anyone have an objection to me removing the webcommittee users@
list and replacing it with a discuss@ list, which we could use for
discussing site design and other issues?


From: Daniel Brookshier [mailto:dbrookshier at collab.net] 
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Subject: [Web Comm] Re: Project Tracker?

What project are you looking at? This one? 

I have modified the defect type, just to see what's there. I also added
task and enhancement. 

Basically it is a small chase through some deep links. Here is the path
I took to edit the components:

First, select "Project Tracker" This opens up a few more options. The
first is "Manage artifact types"  Then select "Defect" then "Duplicate
check info" then "Component".

At this point you can change the component names and add components. 

Daniel Brookshier
Community Manager 

On Mar 3, 2006, at 11:20 PM, Jason Birch wrote:

	Does anyone know how to add/remove components to the Project
Tracker?  The generic "component1", does not appear too functional.
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	Sounds good!
	Speaking of iconsz,i want to start the logo contest soon. Please
edit the wiki to your hearts content - or until wednesday or so. I want
to get the promotions comm and board involved.
	Daniel Brookshier
	Comunity Manager
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	Hi everyone,
	I am the confluence hack for geotools and will want to suffer
	whatever CSS definitions we come up with. I have a bit of
	design behind me, and tend to draw
	icons when burnt out ;-)
	I mostly plan to be involved in the Mid term according the wiki.
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