Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at
Mon Mar 6 22:02:38 EST 2006


I asked Gary Sherman to test what can be seen by non-board members,
and it seems that non-board members cannot read the board mailing list
archives, even though they are logged in as regular members of the web site.
My understanding was that we wanted the board list visible to members, but
not to be mined by google and other spiders.  That is, to be protected
behind a membership/login wall, but not restricted to board members.

I would add that when Gary goes to the web site
it seems to log him out, and he has to login back in when he returns to

So, my first question is to the board, and it is are we willing to make
the mailing list archive, "documents and files" and other artifacts on
the web site visible to all members of the web site.

The second question is to WebCom, and it is can we fix it so that
the "login" problem goes away, and so that the board mailing list isn't
visible to folks who aren't logged in to, but it is visible
to anyone who is logged in.

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