FW: [OSGeo-member] Cannot access the top page

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Wed Mar 8 17:50:33 EST 2006

There are alternate files in there, like DomainHome.jp.html (or
something like that)

I was wondering about these, but forgot to bring it up.  I think they
need to be deleted until we get the site translated?

I'll do this from home if you don't get to it first.


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Subject: [OSGeo-member] Cannot access the top page

Hi folks,

I don't know who is responsible for technical issues on the web page,
but all the Japanese cannot see the top page of OSGEO so please help us.

I have been wondering why the top page (or other pages) is not seen
except for "Welcome to CollabNet etc..." and many junk characters.

Yesterday, I finally got it!
I have one pure English Windows environment and it shows the top page
properly. There are projects, news and many massages that are not shown
in Japanese enabeled Web browser (both IE and Firefox) on windows
environment (XP, 2000 etc).

It means nobody using the Japanese environment users CANNOT access to
OSGE top page and many others. I guess nobody using the double byte
environment such as Chinese, Korean, Thai and so on cannot see the page.

I think it is serious problem for our community.

I strongly hope that the problem will be solved very soon.

Thank you.

Toru Mori @ Yokohama Japan

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