[Web Comm] Logo Contest revisited

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Thu Mar 9 11:03:13 EST 2006

Sounds good.  I'll try to find time sometime today (unless someone else
wants to) to:

- Add some wording about desired submissions and that partial
submissions and logo concepts will be accepted.  Should this come with a
commitment from the submitter to complete the concept, or will we be
able to round up an internal designer or two to help?
- Add some text about the logo supporting one or two-colour print
- Add requirement for logos to be completely original
- Change screening text to "A short list of submissions will be selected
for a general vote/poll."
- Make WebCom break ties
- Move legalese to the bottom, with general parameters staying at the


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Fred Warnock wrote:
> <thinking out loud>All this being said, I doubt armatures with a spark

> of an idea would be able to finish a logo like this.  I wonder if we 
> would also accept "partial" submissions, which are simply logo 
> concepts.  This could perhaps be another category?  Just an idea to 
> get more participation. I'm a "designer" myself, but I find logo's to 
> be extremely time consuming and challenging, and I probably won't 
> contribute, but If I do get an idea I might want to submit 
> that....</thinking out loud>


I agree with Fred that a promising design that might not meet all
requirements, but could be completed after the fact should still be
considered.  If a design is good, it isn't that hard to complete the
various versions after the fact.

BTW, I had high hopes for what Fred might have submitted.  In fact I
think it may be challenging to get a significant number of high quality
submissions.  I guess widely advertising the contest, and giving some
time for people to work on it are key.

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