[Web Comm] Logo Contest revisited

Pericles S. Nacionales naci0002 at umn.edu
Thu Mar 9 18:12:02 EST 2006

On Thursday 09 March 2006 08:39, Fred Warnock wrote:
> <thinking out loud>All this being said, I doubt armatures with a spark
> of an idea would be able to finish a logo like this.  I wonder if we
> would also accept "partial" submissions, which are simply logo
> concepts.  This could perhaps be another category?  Just an idea to get
> more participation. I'm a "designer" myself, but I find logo's to be
> extremely time consuming and challenging, and I probably won't
> contribute, but If I do get an idea I might want to submit
> that....</thinking out loud>

This is what I'm worried about, given the time-frame.  If people can enter 
"partial" submissions then it should be OK.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys shortly.


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