issues with RSS feeds of announcements

Jo Walsh jo at
Thu Mar 30 21:34:19 EST 2006

dear WebCom, i have a short laundry list of bugs for you,

1. The announcement about RSS feeds of announcements is showing the
announcement date as current time/date, not the date of the actual
announcement. This looks like a serious collabnet bug to me.
cf vs

2. The actual RSS feed doesn't have dates on the items. 
RSS aggregators tend to rely on supplied dates in order to tell
when things happened in time. Feeds need dates to be useful.

3. is still
giving me an error message after a few days.

I would have added these as Defects in the bug tracker, but I think
that as i'm not a project member of WebCom, I can't add bugs there.

thanks, deep apologies for whinging, 


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