[Web Comm] Next WebCom meeting?

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Tue May 16 13:34:41 EDT 2006

Hi Dave,

You're pretty close to me, geographically :)

My involvement in the committee over the last few weeks would have to be
categorized as dysfunctional; I've had the irresistible force/immovable
object thing going on at work and in my personal life.

Perhaps we can use this as a call for action...

I've set up a meeting agenda page in the wiki:

I'll commit to being on IRC at that time, and typing minutes.

Everyone please add items.  Daniel, can you come with an update on
VisCom items that are going to be affecting us?


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When is the next WebCom meeting?

I asked a few times in #osgeo, but
didn't get a response.

I have some comments/suggestions, and
am prepared to help, but being new to OSGeo, and the use of Collabnet, I
thought it would be best to attend the next meeting, and then maybe
discuss questions I might have under 'New Business'.

Dave Patton

Co-Lead Developer, Punt

Canadian Coordinator, Degree Confluence Project

Personal website - Maps, GPS, etc.

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