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Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Wed Nov 29 02:14:35 EST 2006

Hi, thanks a lot for the update.  Glad to hear you are working through it.

Don't feel that you need to post a timesheet, at least not for me or webcom.  I'll leave that between you and Frank.

Looking forward to hearing more.  
Take care,

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Hello all,
We have succesfully setup drupal in our local machine with drupal-4.7 and
mysql-5.0 .
we checkedout the CVS 'WWW' repository from your server. we started putting
contents on our local setup.
Also we found new module for importing html static contents to drupal i.e. '
import_html ' module.
But that module is not straight forward to use, there are some dependencies
issues. so, we will sort out that.
We have shifted around 50 pages into drupal using this module with some
difficulties. we will let you know in a day about the exact status of
imported pages
    Also, we will upload daily timesheet today on our server, so that you
can check it.

Thank you

On 11/24/06, shawn barnes <sbarnes at dmsolutions.ca> wrote:
> I have skype and msn accounts...but, i tend to use msn more frequently
> at work...my msn contact is sh4wn.b4rn3s at hotmail.com
> IRC is a good tool but, i'm only using one monitor at work and it's hard
> to watch for activity...compared to msn which pops up and  grabs my
> attention.  :)
> Shawn
> Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> > I meant to ask if any of you have other instant messaging applications
> > that you use regularly.  I see that most of you are not in IRC all the
> > time like me :)  My skype username is "spatialguru" and MSN is
> > "spatialguru at excite.com", yahoo is "tymitche" and AOL Instant
> > Messenger is "spatialguru4".  You can phone anytime during 'waking
> > hours' in Pacific Time Zone at +1-250-277-1621 - if we could talk it
> > would add a nice dimension to our work :)
> >

kanhaiya (KK)

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