[Web Comm] content creation restart

Jody Garnett jgarnett at refractions.net
Mon Oct 2 14:57:25 EDT 2006

Jason Birch wrote:
> Hi Jody,
> Bootstrapping is hard.
Indeed, I think I will try and fill in the blanks for the GeoTools 
project - according to the priority represented by sample use. Probably 
just ask geotools supporting organizations to produce PDFs for the 
moment. See if I can hunt down an OSGeo word template.
> I agree that technology-related documents for new users are important,
> though I think that they target a different kind of user than the "Why"
> documents (technical vs management).
Interesting, I was trying to focus on marketing rather then technical .. 
they can read project docs for low level technical, and OGC docs for 
standards based technical.
> I don't think that the current approach is wrong, it's just not complete.
> The "How can I Help" may not be a priority for the users, but it was a
> quick win, and important to the organisation; we need more depth in
> volunteerism, especially in areas that aren't sexy or cool :)  
> Unfortunately, I don't consider myself qualified to generate the new
> user documentation; I'm actually still in that boat of trying to figure
> interrelations out myself.  I volunteer to beta test any docs you (or
> others) come up with though :)  The documentat that Paul S started on
> the wiki is a good starting point for web mapping.  Perhaps we should
> have one of these "Starting Out With" documents for each product type
>  "Web Mapping Servers"
>  "Web Mapping Clients"
>  "Desktop GIS"
>  "Geospatial Toolkits"
Once again I do not think we need user docs right now, we have lots of 
consultant organizations that we
can point people towards allowing them to get set up. Short term we need 
to answer some of the questions
about what the projects do, and how they compare to what ESRI has going on.
> I'm not sure if GeoData and Education would be better in this category
> or in a "Resources" category.
Well if we go back to the target audience:
- http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/WebCom_OSGeo_Site_Focus

I can see:
2.1 Government
2.2 Education
2.3 Users
2.4 Development

At the very least the foundation responded to a US Government request 
for comment or some such
so making that document available should take care of section 2.1 for 
the time being.
> As far as branding goes, I believe that VisCom has an RFP for a graphics
> design company to come up with some logo, type, and colour guidelines
> for our visual identity, and that they are close letting a contract.  We
> should be able to leverage the results of this for site styling
> guidelines as well.  At the same time, Fred Warnock has been working on
> a new site design template (though I haven't heard from him for a while).
Yeah, I am thinking more of the "meta site" guidelines, and I would like 
to see a couple of project
manage to "confirm" before calling said guidelines complete.


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