Setting up a mapbuilder nightly build - Introductions

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at
Thu Oct 5 18:43:03 EDT 2006

meet Jody, Geotools, Geoserver wizard with ideas on java build systems,

meet the OSGeo Web Committee (I think this is the right list)? These 
guys are responsible for the new OSGeo server which we could use for 
setting up the nightly builds.
Matt, you will probably want to join this list.

Matt is a mapbuilder developer who uses Cruise Control at work and has 
volunteered to set up the nightly builds for mapbuilder. Jody might 
point out that Continuum is a better tool. (Apparently available from 
Codehase - which is another option for us).

Would it be ok to get a login for Matt on the OSGeo server?
And is he allowed to install software on it?

Cameron Shorter

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