GeoTools content for OSGeo follow up ...

Jody Garnett jgarnett at
Thu Oct 5 19:33:48 EDT 2006

So far I have not met a great deal of direction on the production of 
GeoTools content (but I had a good time being confused).

So we may as well just start - from what I can figure out the following 
would be useful:

Developer Spotlights
- OSGeo is doing them already with some success, not sure how we sign up 
but I would love hear what Gabriel has been up to :-)

- visual walk through w/ commentary on any of our demos. ie from 
maven.pom to eclipse to run

- architecture or design material showing how the library fits in the middle
- goal is to allow budding projects to steal good looking pictures that 
happen to have geotools in them

PDF - White Papers
- short technical papers, buzz word happy to show up in search results
- get your name out there and take geotools along as your example

Please note that this is more of an opportunity for those seeking fame / 
glory / or biz contacts. In terms of the library we simply need user 
documentation. As a community we could hope to gather a few more users, 
and at best some developer interest based on white papers.

Thought: if we are moving to pdf files generated from DocBook for user 
documentation (rather then free form wiki), perhaps allowing people a 
descriptions of themselves and contact information would be a nice way 
to motivate content creation.


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