[Web Comm] Spotlight on Drupal?

Auke Jilderda auke at collab.net
Mon Oct 9 06:00:33 EDT 2006

Hi Jo,

understood.  Reason I'm bugging you a tad ;-) about this is that there
is always the risk of ending up in a deadlock with wanting it to be at a
certain level of maturity before exposing it while needing exposure to
mature it.  Anyway, I understand you don't feel it is ready for a
spotlight yet.  Don't hesitate to let me know if and when you want a
spotlight on Drupal.  Meanwhile, I'll go scout for other candidates for
the next one in a month or so.


On 08 October 2006 21:10, Jo Walsh wrote:
> dear auke, i am just reconnecting after a few days offline.
> Right, i thought from the subject this was email about putting
> developer spotlight type nodes in Drupal ;)
> Re. publicising the site - I really want to wait until someone has
> been able to give it a design onceover. The theme we are using just
> doesnt work in internet explorer at all. And it would be great if it
> looked the part, looked convincing, that would encourage people to
> connect to it. I do not know how far off we are budget wise being able
> to drop money on any web design work but i will keep you posted- we
> had some volunteer offer bu that seems to have wilted. 
> Cheers! well, there's definitely a lot more we can and should do to it
> before really pushing it around but yes it would be great to get
> people testing it out sooner rather than later - they might hate it
> and there is still time to back away ;) 
> cheers.
> jo

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