[Web Comm] GeoTools content for OSGeo follow up ...

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Wed Oct 11 10:37:25 EDT 2006

Oops, starting writing yesterday but never sent this...

On 5-Oct-06, at 4:33 PM, Jody Garnett wrote:

> So far I have not met a great deal of direction on the production  
> of GeoTools content (but I had a good time being confused).
> So we may as well just start - from what I can figure out the  
> following would be useful:
> Developer Spotlights
> - OSGeo is doing them already with some success, not sure how we  
> sign up but I would love hear what Gabriel has been up to :-)

Hi Jody,
Auke is helping head these up - you can contact him to discuss the  
process: auke at collab.net and point him to the next person you'd like  
to have interviewed.

> Flash
> - visual walk through w/ commentary on any of our demos. ie from  
> maven.pom to eclipse to run

I've seen some good examples of this done by folks at qgis.org.  Tim  
Sutton might be able to give some good tips.

> Powerpoint
> - architecture or design material showing how the library fits in  
> the middle
> - goal is to allow budding projects to steal good looking pictures  
> that happen to have geotools in them

These are definitely lacking for most, if not all, of OSGeo projects.


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