[Web Comm] Site map research and notes

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Fri Oct 27 13:31:12 EDT 2006

It's about branding.  We have two needs here.  One is to start providing
some guidance to projects on what OSGeo expects for a common look and
feel.  The other is to start building content that helps us truly
function as "Your Open Source Compass".  I don't think that either of
these has higher priority, but the design may have more of a wider
audience because this is holding projects back from fully embracing
their OSGeo selves.

As far as multiple designs go; the farthest I'd want to go to deal with
this is normal/simple designs, the latter focused on visually impaired
audience.  Otherwise, it is not in our best interest to present a
diluted brand image.  Coke always uses red/white, etc...

I also don't think that we have to choose between these items.  Part of
the problem though is that folks with either good web design (a small
subset of graphic designers) or conceptual site design like Jody are few
and far between.  I don't really fall into either category, though I'm
happy to produce some content if we know what we need.


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It is very useful to have the "visual draft" that Jody produced, but
some people have made comments referring to 'location on the page', such
as "need a breadcrumb area at the top of each page", "in the upper right
corner", etc.

The real key is to have 'the right content' for the pages.
Well-authored HTML that uses Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) for layout will
allow for easy 'adjustment and tweaking' of any desired 'OSGeo site

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