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Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas jsanz at geomaticblog.net
Mon Apr 16 11:52:38 EDT 2007

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Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) escribió:
> Hi Jorge,
> The website team was updating those menu items manually because it is a
> bit confusing and some translators were changing the default english
> setting by accident.
> Can you provide us a list of the menu items in English and then in
> Spanish as well?  Then someone else will update it for you.
> Thank you for the great efforts!
> Tyler

Of course, I put the special characters as HTML entities to avoid
keyboards or encoding problems. I'm also writing all the nodes with them
(OMG, thanks to Mozilla NVU)

OSGeo Foundation:
- -------------------
Home: Inicio
About the Foundation: Acerca de la Fundaci&oaccute;n
Sponsor OSGeo: Patrocine OSGeo
Sponsors: Patrocinadores
FAQ: FAQ (this term is very usual and translating would be confusing)
OSGeo Logo: Logotipos

OSGeo Community:
- -------------------
Bienvenidos (I think Arnulf translated this, I think it's OK)
SpotLights: Destacados
Mailing Lists: Listas de correo
Local Chapters: Cap&iaccute;tulos Locales
Wiki: Wiki (well, it's Hawaiian ;D)

At least these links should appear in the translated language. I don't
know if other titles like right blocks titles (News, OSGeo Projects...)
should appear also translated.

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