[Webcom] SPD status

Gupteshwar Joshi gupteshwar.joshi at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 13:51:03 EDT 2007

Hello ,
I made changes ie query ORDER BY RAND().
but it conflicts with the pagination module of the drupal.
Moreover it will conflict with any pagination module as result fetched comes

randomly as per page limit so some result gets place more frequently while
doesn't .
If some one have seen result on X no. page and just passed to X+4 no.  page
when return back result might not be the same what he did see before a

I am thinking over this solution. currently I have just applied as it is.
Some one can cross check with me by edititng search_profile.php
$res = pager_query($query,10);
print theme('pager',NULL, 10,0);
above two line replacing value 10 by something 2 or 3 .
as less than 10 records exists.


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