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Marie Silvestre marie_silvestre at yahoo.fr
Mon Dec 3 11:35:22 EST 2007

Hi list,

As the almost only translator into french language I totally agree with Jorge and I prefer having an "half translated portal than only English contents".
Contents are going to be translated but it just take time ! I'm already translating the news section and it's quite easy to keep it up to date (but don't think here that it's because nothing is happening !!). So I guess that translating the community spotlights and the upcoming events sections wouldn't be too much. And, as Jorge said, the community is growing so I hope I'll find at least one person to help me with the translation.

I think that the problem of being informed of each change made on a page is not one. We already have the solution but it just needs some improvements : it's quite easy to see changes that have been recently made on the website by clicking on "Recent Changes" in the "Personnal block". In my opinion, this table just needs an extra column that shows the language of each page. And of course every editor will have to fill in the log to explain changes they have made. Maybe a filter on the field language would be helpfull too.
I think that's it for my wishlist !

So you can copy contents in english and translation will come along but don't turn off localization for community spotlights !

One last question : should we stop any translation on the current website or can we continue until the "final migration" ?



2007/11/30, Lorenzo Becchi <lorenzo at ominiverdi.com>:
> Wolf Bergenheim wrote:
> > It appears as if the Drupal Localization module can't (yet) handle
> > back to xx language in case node hasn't been translated :( What do
> > think, should we disable localization of the community spotlights
> > together? This would mean that the spotlights would show up in all
> > languages but they would not be translatable.
> >
> community is growing continuously, I still don't know when there will
> enough translators to translate all updated contents.
> actually many static contents has never been translated in most
> languages (see  Italian version :-P )
> > We could fake the fallback by making a translation in English (ye a
> > copy), and assign that to each language, until proper translation.
> > However if we start (as Frank wishes) to make 1-2 spotlights once
> > month I think that the translators would be hard pushed to keep up.
> >
> > I propose that we turn off localization of community spotlights.
> >
> >
> this make sense to me as far as we have a chance, soon or later, to
> upgrade the module (content type?!?) and it will become possible to
> the localization for a single node.
> I prefer to see half of the post translated that none of them.
> the latter is cleaner, the former invite new persons to apply as
> translator (hopefully). If there's one visitor each thousand that
> as translator we'll have soon a great crew.
> > Furthermore I have made the top and bottom parts of the front page
> > views as well which means that they should be translated as soon as
> > possible. Who is in contact with translators to make it happen? I
> > that they should be translated before we "go live" with the test
> >
> the way to contact translators is actually this mailing list.
> if the number of translators start growing it would be desirable to
> create a list for translation where every change of text in the
> version is commented to let everybody know.
> ciao
> Lorenzo
> ps: hope this message make sense, it's late once again

As the only one translator at this time for Spanish content (and not
very active last weeks I have to admit) I should prefer a "copy" of
the English contents into translated languages and some kind of "ping"
(trac ticket?) to translators to call to translate that new content.

I hope that with the Spanish community growing, we will have more
translators and we can distribute the content to have a more "Spanish"
OSGeo site.

I agree with Lorenzo that I prefer a half translated portal than a
"only English" contents.

Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas
Ingeniero en Geodesia y Cartografía
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