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Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Thu Mar 1 16:04:50 EST 2007

I personally like that look a lot.  I'm going to send a motion for vote
to the list.

Tyler, is there any way that we could refresh the test database with the
current structure of live without walking over top of anything currently
being worked on (or letting anyone working in test know to back up their
work and then be prepared to reapply it)?

I would really like the test server to be a place for setting up new
features, which are then applied to live, rather than being a sandbox.
We should set up a different instance (even on test) as devel.osgeo.org
to act as a sandbox.

I'm not convinced that SVN is the best route here (though I'm
flip-flopping).  I'd prefer to see regular backups combined with rsync.

SVN just feels like a bit too much overhead, and as Frank has pointed
out privately, has some information security and management issues.  If
the site was pure html, we'd be down to just information security, but
when mixing in the database and attachments it gets messy quick.


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Thanks to Frank I have an account on test server.

Then I did my first tricks:

I've created a backup of last spreadfirefox in:

is not easy to understand which files are different from a server to the
  other. Anyway I've changed only css files and added images.


- the Windows CSS issue for right column should be solved, hopefully. I
had to change a little Perry bottom image.

- the structures of main and test sites is different inside
spreadfirefox dir so I'm not suggesting to synchronize now, and would
wait for hobu's help with SVN.

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