[Webcom] Local chapters sites

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Fri Mar 9 20:33:28 EST 2007

Hi all,
I was trying to imagine how the Local Chapters web site system should be.

an option:

1) chaper site
as: india.osgeo.org
totally localized text and independent structure.
(make sense?)

2) chapter wiki
an idea would be to allow to have independent wikis as for OSGeo projects.
as: wiki.india.osgeo.org

All communities posting on the same wiki can create a monster and 
checking spamming becoming quite impossible.


actually, for at least Spanish local Chapter it would be interesting to 
have a wiki to start sharing material and ideas.
I can easily start one on my server but I will have an ominiverdi.org 
It will be easy to move it later anyway.


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