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I propose to add Roman Rachkov as a translator for Bulgarian on the 
osgeo.org website.

For a good background intro. on him, see below.


Begin forwarded message:
> Dear Tyler,
> I am 38 old agronomist with 3 year interest in the field of web 
> mapping, after reading of yout book "Web mapping illustrated". I am 
> chairna of NGO "Agency for agricultural information and innovation" 
> and admin some web mapping aplication:
> fishing points in district Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria:
> http://fishing-bg.info <http://fishing-bg.info/> 
> road map of Veliko Turnovo district, Bulgaria:
> http://nafa.yantra-gis.com <http://nafa.yantra-gis.com/> 
> and Water ecology map of Yantra river:
> http://yantra-gis.com <http://yantra-gis.com/> 
> I am also Linux and open source enthusiast and my NGO is co-
> organizer of Open-fest in my city - Veliko Turnovo. Under this fest 
> we popularize open source GIS to the public.
> I am the person that will do translation.
> Best regards,
> Roman

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