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#166: Use of flags for languages in Drupal Portal
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Comment (by tmitchell):

 I lean more toward the "pro" side of that w3c discussion note.  If we take
 away the flags, then language choice through an icon instantly
 'disappears' and, I argue, is made harder to find.  For non English
 speakers who arrive at our home page - and do not easily see a flag they
 can related to, it can dramatically decrease the effectiveness of the
 site.  Likewise, it may be a dis-incentive to translators because it makes
 their content harder to find (again, arguably).  I have heard no
 complaints about the icons from any of the many translators (i.e. even
 those of us who write British English from outside of UK, yet the site
 uses US English... etc).  And we have accomodate local differences where
 possible (e.g. Brasilian Portuguese).

 I can think of several personal examples from other sites I've went to,
 where I would have been lost trying to find the word "English" somewhere
 on the page if there were not a simple flag icon to choose.  If we removed
 icons then I believe we need to make the menu choices clearer or more
 prominent somehow.

 Personally, unless it is quite offensive, I think removing the flags is
 "throwing the baby out with the bathwater".

 Random thoughts for you...

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