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Hi list,

Sorry for crossposting but I don't know which one is the best to post it.

This is an event about "Open Translation Tools".  
Arnulf Christl posted a topic called "[Webcom] More on translation". This 
event propose a similar topic which can be interesting about how we can 
organised ourself for translating, which tools are better to use etc.

Best regards,

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Subject: [Fwd: [Africasource2-l] Open Translation Tools 2007]
Date: mardi 9 octobre 2007 13:54
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i think it may be of any kind of interest for this emerging community
With kind regards,


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*Open Translation Tools 2007
Call for Projects and Participants!

*Aspiration is delighted to announce our first-ever “Open Translation
Tools Convergence”. This 3-day event will bring together two passionate
communities: those creating open source software tools to support
translating open content <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_content>,
and those with a need for better tools to support translation of the
open content they create.

The event will take place in Zagreb, Croatia, from 29 November to 1
December 2007, and is being co-organized by Aspiration and Multimedia
<http://www.mi2.hr> Institute - [mi2] <http://www.mi2.hr>.

Full details are at http://www.aspirationtech.org/events/opentranslation

We invite you to answer the call for projects and participants now!

The event is being convened to:

    * *Document the open source translation tool landscape* - What’s out
      there? And what should we create to fill the gaps?
    * *Inventory “open content translation use cases”* - What
      translation support is needed?
    * *Strengthen the network around open source translation tools for
      open content*, with a particular focus on delivering value to
      nonprofit and non-governmental organizations (NPOs and NGOs).

The agenda will be collaboratively developed by participants in the time
leading up to and during the gathering. Also see additional event
<http://www.aspirationtech.org/events/opentranslation/background>. Visit
the event wiki <http://opentranslation.aspirationtech.org> for the
latest details and to add your input! And please join the discussion on
the event mailing list
<mailto:sympa at lists.aspirationtech.org?subject=subscribe%20opentranslation>.

Overall, we will follow a user-driven approach to map tools to use
cases, assessing what is supported by currently available open source
software tools and services, and identifying the most pressing needs.
Primary focus will be placed on supporting and enabling distributed
human translation of content, but the role of machine translation will
also be considered. “Open content” will encompass a range of resource
types, from books to manuals to documents to blog posts to multimedia.

Interested parties are encouraged to tell us about your projects and
translation needs

The event will target three complementary outcomes:

    * *A mapping of the open source translation tool landscape*,
      enumerating tools and tool categories as well as services,
      projects and resources, and assessing gaps and opportunities for
      development. There is currently very little in terms of a
      directory of translation tools for content publishers, and this
      event will serve to create such an inventory.
    * *An inventory of “open content translation use cases”*, with open
      content creators and publishers describing how they would like
      open source software tools and technologies to support their
      translation needs. These use cases will cover a range of tasks (“I
      need to translate a document into a second language”) and usage
      scenarios (“I need a widget for my blog that links to open content
      translation request services and lists available translated
      versions of my content”).
    * *A strengthened community of practice around translation tools for
      open content for NPO and NGO needs*. While many amazing projects
      are in play all around the globe, there are relatively few
      opportunities for practitioners in the field of open content
      translation to meet and collaborate as a community. Open
      Translation Tools 2007 will provide such a venue.

At this point we are reaching out to all interested parties and
contacting the networks and communities of practice that touch on these
fields of practice. Our hope is to identify a passionate group of 30-40
participants for the event.

Interested parties are encouraged to tell us about your projects and
translation needs
p?event_KEY=30652&t=aspiration.dwt>. Answer the call for projects and
 participants now!

p?event_KEY=30652&t=aspiration.dwt>For more information, email
 opentranslation at aspirationtech.org
<http://www.aspirationtech.org/events/opentranslation> or call

*About Aspiration

*Aspiration is a global leader in the design and delivery of innovative
technology gatherings for nonprofit and nongovernmental audiences. Our
event philosophy and facilitation focus on maximizing collaboration and
peer sharing, while making sparing use of one-to-many and
several-to-many session formats such as presentations and panels. We
believe the ultimate potential and power of any convening lie in the
collective untapped knowledge and experience of the participants, and we
strive to tap that vast store by maximizing dialog, creativity and idea

Over the past several years, we have convened and co-organized over 45
highly interactive events across the globe (
<http://www.aspirationtech.org/events/history>). We focus agendas around
user-oriented dialog that connects all the stakeholders in software
design and development, and model our events to reflect the diverse and
network-oriented nature of the communities we convene.

Aspiration is also developing the Social Source Commons (
www.socialsourcecommons.org <http://www.socialsourcecommons.org/>), a
platform for collaboratively mapping and documenting the universe of
software tools relevant to nonprofits and non-governmental organizations.

As part of our community building work, Aspiration operates the San
Francisco Nonprofit Technology Center ( www.sftechcenter.org
<http://www.sftechcenter.org/>). The Center is home to 6 organizations
working in nonprofit and social change technology, and offers training
and meeting space as well.

For more information about our work and programs, see
www.aspirationtech.org <http://www.aspirationtech.org/>.

*About Multimedia Institute - [mi2], Zagreb, Croatia

*Multimedia Institute [mi2] is a Zagreb-based non-profit organization
that sprang up in 1999. [mi2] brought together an emerging generation of
local civil activists, media practitioners, independent cultural actors
and social theorists who are pursuing five principle tasks:

1) to present digital culture and to pursue new media practices relevant
for critical social and cultural action,

2) to promote and develop socially inflected approaches to technologies,
particularly free software, free culture and open acces,

3) to protect public space and advocate inclusive urban policies,

4) to present contemporary philosophy, social and media theory,

5) to strengthen independent cultural sector and to advocate progressive
cultural policies in order to support progressive tendencies of
socio-cultural reformism.

[mi2] is internationally mostly recognized through the activities of its
free content publishing label - EGOBOO.bits, its meetspace - net.culture
club MAMA and its free software work. It's in house mi2lab development
team is working on four free software projects: most notably, on its own
flavor of wiki optimized for heavy handling of multimedia content -
TAMTAM, and a set of financial administration tools optimized for NGOs -
NGOde. To complement the free software development, the mi2lab had a
residency program for free software developers from the Eastern Europe,
Central and South Asia.

[mi2] is committed to promote, advocate and educate in the free
software, open standards and free content and to reflect on their impact
on wider social and cultural context. In 2003 together with Amsterdam
based Tactical Tech it organized the SummerSource social software camp.
In 2007 together with iCommons it organized iCommons Summit. It is
regularly organizing education in free software tools and free
publishing. Wishing to enable the local creators to license their
creative works under the adequate free content licenses, the [mi2] did
the Croatian localization of Creative Commons public licenses.

For more information about Multimedia Institute [mi2], see www.mi2.hr
<http://www.mi2.hr/> .

Allen Gunn
Executive Director, Aspiration

<http://www.aspirationtech.org/>Aspiration: "Better Tools for a Better


Yves Jacolin

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