[SAC] Re: [Webcom] OSGeo and internet domains

Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas jsanz at geomaticblog.net
Sat Oct 13 05:06:31 EDT 2007

2007/10/12, Lorenzo Becchi <lorenzo at ominiverdi.com>:
> the idea, if  I've understood, was to redirect from osgeo.es and other
> regional extension to osgeo.org
> but your idea could be good to have direct language choice.
> es: spanish.osgeo.org ->
> http://www.osgeo.org/switchuilocale/es?destination=bienvenido
> or something like that....
> than www.osgeo.es could redirect to spanish.osgeo.org
> does it make sense?

IMHO, it doesn't make sense because I think we are not going to get
all the .mx .cl .co .ar and the rest of Spanish spoken countries.

Maybe at this time in the Spanish LC, Spaniards are the majority but I
hope we will count with more and more people from SouthAmerica. And I
expect that LC name is not confusing them...

I wonder why all the people say "Spanish" for the language and in
Spain we say "Castellano", not "Español" for our language. It's like
the "Free" ambiguity in English... OK, forget me :P

Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas
Ingeniero en Geodesia y Cartografía

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