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Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Wed Oct 17 11:40:14 EDT 2007

Hi Wolf,

Your participation is very much welcome.

What do you need to get started? ;)

If you feel like getting your feet wet... a couple of things that we
have wanted to do but have not figured out are having the news and
events side-by-side, and having photos attached to the spotlight items
on the main page.

MapGuide and FDO are both using OSGeo Drupal sites, but there is a
certain amount of dissatisfaction with the interface, I think mostly
around doing some things that are easy with straight HTML.  Perhaps
having another person with lots of Drupal experience would help with
project adoption.


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From: Wolf Bergenheim
Subject: [Webcom] Introduction


My name is Wolf Bergenheim. I'm a GRASS developer with a background in
systems administration and software development. Recently (2 years ago)
I have found the world of GIS, which allows me to combine my passion for
maps with my passion for opensource development.

I have many years of experience with administering linux servers (mostly
running bind (nameserver), exim4 (smtp), dovecot(IMAP), mysql,
postgreSQL (with postGIS), apache (1 and 2) and php sites. I started
using Drupal some 4 years ago (yes before it was "hot").

I think I'd be able to help out with the WbeCom with my skills and would
specifically like to help out administering the Drupal system. I believe
it could be done so that we could offer each project an easy (to deply
for us admins) template (also for us) website, running in Drupal. In
other words we could make a skeleton website which we could then "copy"
to the projects who want to share our server. Centralized accounts for
all the sites would also be nice, and in fact Drupal has a system for
doing this (or we could go ahead and use the LDAP solution).

When I was volunteering for Linux-Aktivaattori, a FOSS promoting
organization, we offered subdomains for our member projects, in a
similar manner (but different CMS). The idea was that people had a
signle log in to all websites they were members in.

Additionally I'm very keen on starting to build a Geo-community of
people interested in maps and other geosciences. A vivid community which
would be cross-project would in my mind further our cause of opensource
geoinformatics, in that we would have more cross-project collaboration,
and more of a sense of wholeness which I think would make it easier to
sep into the wonderful world of OSGeo.



<:3 )---- Wolf Bergenheim ----( 8:>

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