[Webcom] Spanish Local Chapter name

Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas jsanz at geomaticblog.net
Tue Oct 30 04:20:57 EDT 2007

2007/10/30, Lorenzo Becchi <lorenzo at ominiverdi.com>:
> hehe, yes, it's me!
> I've updated the mailing list title and introduction.
> @Jorge: if you thinks the text of the introduction should be different
> I'll be happy to update it.

It's OK, thank you

> I've checked the link and it goes to the right Wiki page.
> @Jorge: do you want to add a link to the Drupal site or do you prefer to
> wait for the site update?

Add a link where? Sorry, I'm lost :S

Are you talking about updating the Drupal site with new LC name? That
was my question some mails ago, can I update Drupal site or should I
wait for the "upgrade"?

Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas
Ingeniero en Geodesia y Cartografía

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