[Webcom] Translation issues..

Marie Silvestre marie_silvestre at yahoo.fr
Fri Sep 7 07:54:06 EDT 2007

Hi WebCom !

I've got some questions about news, upcoming events and every things that appear on the home page of the website. How does the translation work there ?
Let me explain my problem : I translated the FOSS4G "upcoming event" item in french (hard work, yeah I know...) and the translation does not appear on the french home page. I did the same with the last news item about mapguide release and it worked. 
So, is there any way I can translate upcoming events and other items (appart from news which already work) and make them appear on the french home page ?

I've got another question about translation : would it be possible to translate elements in the left menu and other titles (such as "Home", "OSGeo community", "Select language", "news", etc.) ? 



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