[Webcom] Translation issues..

Marie Silvestre marie_silvestre at yahoo.fr
Tue Sep 11 08:26:21 EDT 2007

Hi !

I've completed the portal translation status page to add menu names in french but doing so I realized that I added every pages in the table no matter if they were "menu pages" or not...
I didn't want to erase every non-menu pages so I put every menu page title in bolt and the others in italic just to easily distinguish page types.
I added a column "title in french" instead of overwriting titles in english. Sorry for disturbing the whole homogeneity of this wiki page but IMO translation is easier to manage this way (until I find an other brand new way !!).
So if *someone* has a little time, there are some translations to make !


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Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) wrote:
> On 7-Sep-07, at 4:54 AM, Marie Silvestre wrote:
>> Hi WebCom !
>> I've got some questions about news, upcoming events and every things 
>> that appear on the home page of the website. How does the translation 
>> work there ?
>> Let me explain my problem : I translated the FOSS4G "upcoming event" 
>> item in french (hard work, yeah I know...) and the translation does 
>> not appear on the french home page. I did the same with the last news 
>> item about mapguide release and it worked.
>> So, is there any way I can translate upcoming events and other items 
>> (appart from news which already work) and make them appear on the 
>> french home page ?
> Most "normal" pages should translate perfectly fine.  I guess the event 
> items are the only problem?   This is a custom type of content we have, 
> we will have to look into how to enable translations for them if they 
> are not working.  Likewise, with http://osgeo.org/library - some items 
> only show up in French but are not shown in English... this is tough, I 
> believe it is the same problem.
>> I've got another question about translation : would it be possible to 
>> translate elements in the left menu and other titles (such as "Home", 
>> "OSGeo community", "Select language", "news", etc.) ?
> Definitely - this is something I meant to do but haven't done.  Please 
> add the titles you would like to see into the table here: 
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Portal_Translation_Status (like done in 
> the Deutsch section).  Then when someone has time to edit the menus it 
> can be changed.
> Tyler

Hi Tyler,

The library is a little bit different because all items which are shown 
only in French are written in French ;). So I don't think they have to 
be shown in the English one...


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