[Webcom] More on translation

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at wheregroup.com
Fri Sep 28 13:43:31 EDT 2007

Hello translators,
this is a first try at trying to set up a process for keeping translations
up to date. Currently this will have to be a manual process.

I have updated the Sponsor pages for all translations to reflect the
current list of seven sponsors in three categories. Some pages did not
have the category "Supporting Sponsors" yet, so I did some guesswork and
asked people or just left the English title. Please got to your respective
translation and correct whatever I messed up there. We should try to keep
a few blank lines between titles and sponsor sections so that updating in
future will be easier. Hopefully we will need to update this page a lot
more often...


I have no understanding of how we should go about keeping translations
synced in future.

I am also not very happy with the Wiki page for translations. It is good
that we have it because we have nothing else but it feels like it is not
the right technology to do it with. If anybody has any ideas on how to
improve this, please let this list know.

Best regards,

Arnulf Christl

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