[Webcom] I would like to translate OSGeo documents

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Fri Apr 18 11:11:04 EDT 2008

Welcome Min,

Please sign up for an OSGeo UserID here:


and let me know what it is.  Then I will grant you the translator role.

Instructions for new translators are available here:


If there are going to be a lot of translators from the Korean Language Chapter, it would be great if either you or Sanghee Shin could volunteer to be the official translation liason for your chapter, sending me the OSGeo userid of new translators.  Having a single point of contact helps with issues of trust, interpretation, etc.

Your written English is quite good, by the way.


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My name is Min Heo, and I am very interested in free and open source GIS. Recently, we organize OSGeo Korea, I am one of the member, and we are going to translate the OSGeo documents in http://www.osgeo.org/.

So, I have contacted Tyler Mitchell, and requested translator privilege, and subscribe to this mailing list and post this message, following Typer's advise.

As you can see, I cannot speak and write English well, however, I have lots of experience in translating. I am not sure but I have translate
4-5 books before.

Please welcome me and give me the privilege. And, I don't know the procedures or anything, so please don't blame me when I ask basic questions.



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