[Webcom] I would like to translate OSGeo documents

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Sun Apr 20 13:31:12 EDT 2008

Hi Min,
I've added your ID to the translators role.  Please let us know if there are additional translators at some point; maybe we can come up with a more formal arrangement later.
Thanks for the blog post.  Google Translate did a pretty poor job with it, but from the parts that I can understand it seems better than some of the other coverage of Nanaimo's KML work.  All the publicity is a bit embarassing; it didn't really involve a lot of effort.  Mostly just MapGuide Open Source (I used FME to create the virtual tour), enhancements to some simple scripts provided by Bob Bray at Autodesk, and slightly advanced KML styling for the time.
We are dedicated to democratic provision of our mapping data through standard mechanisms like KML and GeoRSS though.  Maybe even traditional GIS formats if we get around to it, but these don't have the same benefit to the general public.


From: ??
Subject: [Webcom] I would like to translate OSGeo documents

Thanks Jason,

I have subscribed to http://www.osgeo.org/, and my user-id is heomin61.

There is no other volunteer translators right now, as far as I know,
and I don't know the translating process very well. So, 'official
translation liason' is too early to discuss, I think. At first, I
should learn more about the translations, and then discuss later.


p.s. I think you are working for Nanaimo, BC, Canada, from your email
address. I was very impressed with the city's works, and posted a
message, one month's ago. Please consult
http://heomin61.tistory.com/331. I am very happy :-)

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