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Sanghee Shin endofcap at gmail.com
Sun Apr 27 07:53:07 EDT 2008

Hi.. Kim, In,

Very nice to meet you here in the mailing list.

I'm very glad and very surprised with enthusiatic participation of Korean
Language Chapter memer.

However to put everything in order regarding translation, as mentioned by
Jason, I would like to be the official translation liason for our Korean
Language chapter.

I'll let my members know my intention through our local chapter mailing list
and then let you know our decision.

best regards,


2008/4/27, IN KIM <formyworld at gmail.com>:
> Hi all of the earth people. anybody there~~
> I'm KIM IN, just call me as 'Mr. KIM'.
> I'm from South Korea and working at PanAsia Engineering (
> http://www.panasia.co.kr),
> interest in GIS, Image, Photo etc. There is my blog http://www.zenez.orgbut
> most of all visitors can't see my blog's contents.
> Why? My blog is built just korean. So sorry!
> I'd like to participate in Korean Chaper translation. If I get translator
> role then (- -V) will work hard.
> My ID is elegancy.
> Let's apprecicate and enjoy
> best regards
> Mr. KIM
> from korea. 02:50 PM (I wanna go to bed)
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Sanghee Shin

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