[Webcom] RE: [Marketing] Feedback from Marketing Meeting

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Thu Dec 11 14:19:39 EST 2008

Frank wrote:
I don't think the website committee has felt it couldn't create various
content for the website like that discussed.  But the people involved
have just not had the energy and expertise to do so.  I'm confident we
(on the web site) would be most appreciative of content developed by
the marketing committee for the web site, as well as suggestions for
navigation, etc.

I'm not convinced that WebCom is a valuable construct, especially given
our current level of activity.  It's quite possible that WebCom's
current moribund state is entirely due to my lack of leadership, but I'd
like to think that there is more to it than that.  My personal feeling
is that its function is the boring stuff that neither Marketing nor SAC
wants to take care of, and that the overlap in responsibility between
WebCom and Marketing leads to a reluctance/hesitance to take ownership.

I would personally prefer to see WebCom rolled into Marketing.  I've
brought this up before though, with little feedback or agreement.  I
know that I would feel happier helping out on website tasks as part of a
strong marketing committee, than struggling to lead a weak website


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