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Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Wed Dec 24 15:28:32 EST 2008

I feel absolutely stupid because I've lost this conversation just to be 
filtered by my mail client to the marketing folder...
it will not be the last time I'll feel stupid. :-)

If I can say my opinion, I don't see the need for a re-factory of the 
web site.
If you look at the web site of Apache foundation, as ex, they have a 
very simple site: a brief mission definition, news, section, links to 
all resources.
same as ours.

I don't even see a problem to use google.com to access internal pages. I 
use google.com for most of sites where I don't want to learn yet another 
fancy structure for a site that has a lot of contents. having a lot of 
contacts is a problem in any case.
I would not like to see the google search inside the site instead.
Not even google analytics. Been a web master for long time has taught me 
to avoid scripts that are not fundamental on popular sites.

my 2 cents

Jason Birch wrote:
> A LOT of that was Jody, so it's good to hear that he has renewed
> interest in the Marketing committee.
> It's out of date, but there is still value there.
> Jason
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> +1
> Jason, I think you are right on track, and I'm really impressed with the
> webcom Site Focus page linked below. (First time I've read it). It 
> provides the use cases required to design targeted web pages.
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